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Check in monthly to hear Supt. Branden Roeder discuss what is happening in the Rising Sun-Ohio County Community School Corporation.

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    • Admin. OFFice

      Rising Sun-Ohio County Schools
      110 Henrietta St.
      Rising Sun, Indiana 47040

      Phone: 812-438-2655
      Fax: 812-438-4636
      Superintendent, Branden Roeder

      MIDDLE School

      Rising Sun Middle School
      436 S. Mulberry St.
      Rising Sun, Indiana 47040

      Phone: 812-438-2626
      Fax: 812-438-2456
      Principal, Teresa George
    • Elementary school

      Ohio County Elementary School
      436 S. Mulberry St.
      Rising Sun, Indiana 47040

      Phone: 812-438-2626
      Fax: 812-438-2456
      Principal, Teresa George

      high school

      Rising Sun High School
      210 Henrietta St.
      Rising Sun, Indiana 47040

      Phone: 812-438-2652
      Fax: 812-438-2173
      Principal, Noel Bostic

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